What We Do

At Dream Link we not only provide monetary assistance but use our expertise and network of industry experts to provide knowledge and mentoring to our dreamers. As we like to say, “team work makes the dream work.”

Dream Link Scholarship – Education is a powerful tool in empowering our youth to achieve their dreams. The Dream Link Scholarship helps makes that education a reality for Dreamer that would not otherwise have that opportunity.

Mentoring – Not only can Dream Link help financially but we can provided access to mentoring from experienced professionals in a variety of expertise. Anything from creating and launching a business, specific scientific specialties, to intellectual property filing and licensing.

Donor’s Dream Fund – We work directly with donors who have a special interest in a particular field. Do you with to support the next research scientist? Entrepreneurial Technologist? Revolutionary environmental scientist? We can help identify the right Dreamer, get the right mentors in place, and help everyone achieve their dreams. If you would like to discuss your dream with us please contact us now.